Expereo - The importance of network efficiency when working remotely

The importance of network efficiency when working remotely

May 11, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic  has had a huge impact on a number of different industries. From airline to technology markets, it has led global companies to shut down and upcoming tradeshows and events to go virtual instead – Cisco Live and MWC to name a few.

To  keep the wheels turning in times of social distancing and self-isolation, companies are adopting temporary solutions such as remote work, virtual meetings, and webinars.

Oracle, Apple, Google, and Amazon are among the largest and first global companies who have restricted travel or asked their employees to work remotely as a precaution against the rapidly-spreading disease. It seems like a small price to pay, especially when current digital tools, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and others,  allow for multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously, co-annotate for a more interactive meeting, search topics in real-time or even exchange files without uploading the content. But what happens if the Internet is down, or the Cloud isn’t accessible?

As enterprises adapt their working routine in consideration of the current pandemic, the greater the need becomes for fast and reliable network connectivity and Cloud access. And the faster, the better. After all, no company wants to host an online meeting where the speaker looks like a pixelated version of a stained glass window, or where the only interaction is between the host and the camera. However, the reality is that most companies still rely on the experience the standard Internet delivers. And, since it’s a shared network built across 760,000+ individual ones, it is vulnerable to congestion and performance degradation.

With so many working from home, the junctions between different internet networks are close to being overwhelmed with unprecedent amounts of daytime traffic. Even domestic Wi-Fi routers are sometimes uncapable of administering all the additional usage. Moreover, an unexpected increase of users outside the corporate network trying to get back in can cause unpleasant delays in usability and access to cloud applications.

Of course, the extent to which businesses are able to control their workforce’s user connectivity is limited. Instead, they could – and should – assess whether their own Internet network is fit for purpose. “Is there a way to optimize my core infrastructure to minimize the dependency on users’ connectivity?”. “Does my application environment support the best possible user experience regardless of the end-point connectivity?”. These are the questions IT managers should be asking themselves.

What are the solutions available?

Cloud Acceleration can help companies to optimize traffic to corporate cloud and SaaS application by continuously and automatically probing all Internet destination networks. Expereo’s  proprietary route optimization engine selects the best routing in real-time, not just the shortest path. This ensures the best possible connectivity to Cloud applications, data centers, between offices or secondary sites, avoiding issues such as aggregation points.

Additionally, our recently launched Mobile Broadband service allows for businesses to either add more capacity to their network connectivity or to improve user experience by simply changing the type of connectivity itself. It offers a portable network connection that can be easily deployed with just a 4G-enabled router and ready to use data SIM. This guarantees a fast and instant connection to core networks from secondary sites, allowing businesses to continue operations remotely or when the primary workplace becomes inaccessible.

We at Expereo understand that these are rather difficult times, and we want to make sure we’re here for you. Our advanced online monitoring and reporting portal provides real-time visibility of the accelerated Internet application performance. So, if anything goes wrong, our 24/7 pro-active support is here to identify and resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

Expereo can support your business to better navigate the current pandemic, we’re here to help.

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Mobile Broadband

Discover our new Mobile Broadband Service

This new service offers a portable network connection that can be easily deployed with just a 4G-enabled router and a SIM card. As a result, it can work either as a primary or fail over link, being suitable for multiple use cases and fully covered by our market-leading, 24/7 monitoring and support service.

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