Webinar Series by Expereo: Connectivity Talks

Connectivity Talks by Expereo

October 13, 2020

We are thrilled to invite you to join our Connectivity Talks!

From tailor-made Internet to cloud-first IT strategies, our programme will cover those industry hot topics that are key in our mission towards digital transformation and simplified global networks.

Our very first Connectivity Talk, titled “Enjoy the Service: Tailor-made Internet”, will be hosted by Rene de Baerdemaeker, Expereo’s Director of Supplier Management.

Have you ever wondered how food and the Internet compare? Join the webinar and explore with us how to build a tailor-made solution for your businesses, with a unique culinary twist.

Following up, our second Connectivity Talk with the title “Trick or Treat: Is your Cloud-First Strategy Cursed?”, will be hosted by Mo Hafez, Expereo Solutions Engineer.

When your global operations rely heavily on the cloud, there is nothing more alarming than a spoiled internet connection.

Join the webinar, as Mo brings into play all the steps to adopt a cloud-first strategy in modern business.

We will soon be sharing our line-up for future sessions, stay tuned!

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Global Internet

How do food and the internet compare?

There is fast food, there are superfoods, and then there’s excellent food. Excellent food takes you on a journey. It transcends normal and provides a positive experience, tailor-made to cater to your needs. Exactly the same goes for internet connection.

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