With the rise of digital transformation and cloud computing, network connection has become the cornerstone of business continuity. Failure is no longer an option. Downtime could cost anywhere from a few thousand to many millions in financial losses, not to mention lost trust and negative brand reputation from customers and users. Business leaders should look beyond Disaster Recovery solutions and increase their network resilience by providing reliable connectivity in the event the fiber infrastructure that supports the Internet becomes unavailable. That’s where Mobile Broadband comes into play – not the technology you probably remember from years ago, that didn’t have the capacity for today’s business needs. Instead, a newer wireless connection that provides better capacity.

There are, of course, many ways around which a business can increase its network resilience and recover quickly from unfortunate eventualities. However, with the imminent arrival of 5G capable routing equipment, mobile-based solutions such as Mobile Broadband seem to be a new industry favorite.  

The pain points that Mobile Broadband can alleviate or eliminate for companies looking to always be connected via multiple and diverse methods are many, as it delivers rapid, secure, and versatile network connectivity everywhere, with just a piece of portable equipment. In this blog, we have a deep dive into how mobile cellular can increase business network resilience.


Short lead time from order to deliver

Gone are the days where business leaders would have waited 6 weeks or more for their organization to be connected. By using Mobile Broadband, Internet network connection can be deployed much quicker than traditional services, such as SD-WAN or MPLS. Since the equipment necessary for implementation is portable, there’s no need to wait for lengthy or costly physical installation to the location where the service is to be delivered.

The adaptability of cellular network connectivity is such that, depending on the business needs, it is even possible to have in-vehicle connection or connected pop-up sites that require Internet connection over short periods of time.


Always prepared

In times of remote working and cloud transformation, ensuring service uptime is crucial for IT teams – to say the least. Mobile Broadband can deliver network connectivity even in the face of those unforeseen circumstances that seem to take everyone by surprise – such as an outage.

Using mobile as a secondary and tertiary connection while the primary link is being replaced can assure connectivity even in the event of drastic circumstances. Ultimately, it acts as a backup link that doesn’t depend on a vulnerable fiber infrastructure, therefore ensuring data communications reliability.

Better yet, as a secondary or tertiary link, Mobile Broadband also guarantees redundancy. That’s because Mobile Broadband is always a fully redundant last-mile path and ISP. When added as an extra route to the Internet, it allows your SD-WAN to maintain application performance optimized by prioritizing the cellular link when it seems to be the best-performing traffic.

Always online with Dual SIM

With Dual SIM available within a single router, and the further possibility to use Roaming Network Agnostic SIM to access multiple local network operators, businesses that use Mobile Broadband as their primary link can ensure stable connectivity even in the event of the providing cell tower going out of action, or a particular mobile network operator suffers an issue that disrupts their services.


Malicious network attacks

Mobile Broadband can also be used to create a way in to manage systems even when isolated by a problem, disaster or malicious attack. Out of Band Network Management is a concept that uses an alternative network communication path to manage network infrastructure devices. This true isolation prevents compromised use of devices or malicious network traffic from impacting network operations or compromising network infrastructure.

It is clear that Mobile Broadband can be used to make connectivity more resilient, even in the face of the most extreme circumstances. The solution guarantees fully redundant routes, increases aggregated bandwidth and relies less on existing infrastructure, making deployment flexible and quick.

We at Expereo offer Mobile Broadband designed for your business needs. Our solution is suitable for multiple use cases and fully covered by our market-leading, 24/7 monitoring and support service. Talk to an expert and learn how we can help your business network connection be more resilient.

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Service Development Manager for Mobility, Rob joined Expereo in November 2020. Has worked in the telecommunications sector since 1997, primarily, but not exclusively in mobile. He loves to use the potential of mobile technologies to solve problems and affect positive changes to the ways in which we live and work. Rob has certifications in Product Management and is a certified Scrum Product Owner.

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