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Hyper-connectivity: why being connected is only the first step

October 1, 2020

By moving data and operations onto the Cloud and using elements of SaaS and IaaS businesses have allowed themselves to become more agile, secure, and scalable.

Installing software locally and implementing on-premise infrastructure like servers is costly and requires constant maintenance, patches, and security updates. Businesses that go this route will usually find themselves in need of a full IT department, particularly as they scale up. This is when managing multiple branches in various cities and countries becomes a real headache.

However, even with a high level of investment, some businesses still experience inefficiencies in their on-premise network performance and security.

Throwing more money at physical hardware and infrastructure can only get you so far – the technology has limits.

Thankfully, those limits are now becoming a thing of the past. Most businesses have at least partly migrated their software and infrastructure to the Cloud. This has been the number one objective in the majority of digital transformation strategies for at least the past decade or more.

But this ‘connectivity’ is really only the first step. For an enterprise with multiple branches around the globe, being ‘connected’ is critical to the daily operation of the business.

However, businesses want to do more than simply ‘operate’. They want to succeed, grow, evolve and beat the competition.

In other words, being connected is only the first step.


Hyper-connectivity is about more than simply being connected. It’s about being securely and efficiently connected. It’s about being able to utilize the Cloud with complete confidence and peace of mind - knowing that your software can be easily deployed, monitored, and used with total fluency, regardless of geography.

If utilizing SaaS and IaaS are 10% of the digital transformation journey, hyper-connectivity is the other 90% and beyond.

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