When your global operations rely heavily on the cloud, there is nothing more alarming than latency and packet loss. How can companies ensure that their cloud-first strategies succeed, and what are the potential pitfalls to avoid? Mo Hafez, Expereo’s Solutions Engineer, shares key advice in our second edition of Expereo’s Connectivity Talks.

Naturally, implementing a cloud-based strategy doesn’t come without challenges, such as regional global logistics planning – think here procurement, configuration, implementation, installation, management and on-going support.

For organizations looking to ensure a successful cloud-first strategy, Expereo offers a unique, game changing solution – Cloud Acceleration, an in-house platform that analyzes and improves all network traffic towards the top internet destinations. This allows for improved experience for cloud applications, optimized internet access for hosted content, and internet as a site-to-site transport.

Whether your company is starting its digital transformation journey or in the midst of it, we at Expereo are here to help with any issues you might face. From deployment to monitoring, we guarantee global coverage and 24/7 support.

In the webinar ‘Trick or Treat: Is your Cloud-First Strategy Cursed?’, we give you a brief introduction to the history of WAN, followed by a definition of the concept ‘cloud-first’, a practice where businesses consider operating projects, workflows, processes, etc. in the cloud before any other means. Sound interesting?

Watch the webinar below to learn more:


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