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How technology can help your business thrive after a crisis

September 29, 2020

Five months ago, we saw businesses worldwide hitting the pause button. Today, with the ‘new normal’ starting to take shape, it is finally time to proceed. The question is, how? Traditionally, decision-makers would evaluate a number of different possibilities. “Do we need to save our way to profitability?”. “Do we have the right vehicles for organic growth?”. Or, “if growth is our lever, should we do it inorganically through acquisition?”.

But we can’t ignore the fact that behaviors have changed, in and out of the office. The once professed trend of remote working is now here to stay, accelerating digital transformation processes that would have perhaps been left aside.

As a consequence, technology has proven to be right at the core of the direction, strategy, and the results that companies will obtain or not. In other words, with the right planning, organizations can leverage it not only to survive, but to thrive and put growth into business. And the crisis only accelerates this opportunity.

Take the 2008 financial crisis for instance. It cost the global economy the equivalent of 22 trillion dollars. Naturally, the sector most affected by it was banking. The likes of Merrill Lynch, AIG, and Royal Bank of Scotland, came within a whisker of going bankrupt. Yet, on the flip side to that, companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and WhatsApp were created.

To learn more about the importance of technology for enterprises in different sectors, read the full article published on the Fast Mode magazine, written by John Cruickshank, Director of Enterprise Sales EMEA in Expereo.

John Cruickshank

Director of Enterprise Sales EMEA John joined Expereo in May 2018. Involved in the ICT sector since 1996 John has a passion for helping organisations achieve a positive impact from each new wave of technology. When not advising on how SD-WAN and Cloud Connectivity services can do this, you might find him walking his 5 Hungarian Vizsla dogs.

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