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There is food for all purposes. Imagine a busy day at the office. At the end of it, you’re hungry, tired, and just want food, fast and inexpensive. You know it won’t be that good, but it fulfills your short-term need: instant happiness.

Food for all purposes

The next day, you opt for a nice homemade healthy meal. You take some time off, go out to a farmer to get the best vegetables, fresh from the field; visit the local butcher for the best meat and get your herbs at the local specialistYou start cooking and realize you’re not as good as a professional chef. The end result is a meal. It was a fun, nice, and sometimes frustrating experience. Was it as rewarding as the time and money invested in it? Probably not. 

You’ve got a special occasion on the weekend. You want the best. No hassle, no worries. You’re going out for dinner, but where? A Michelin star is a safe bet. The visit itself is overwhelming. Everything feels like a perfect fit, from the interior decoration to the discreet and polite staff. It’s going to be a state-of-the-art food experience, designed and created with the latest techniques and the best ingredients, perfectly fitted to your needs.

Tailor-made experience 

There is fast food, there are superfoods, and then there’s excellent food. Excellent food takes you on a journey. It transcends normal and provides a positive experience, tailor-made to cater for your needs. Exactly the same goes for internet connection. They come in all kinds of flavors. There are different solutions for different needs and palates: from broadband connections and fully diverse IP optimized to SD-WAN capable dedicated networks.

Take a small office working in sales, for instance. The applications used might include Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. If broadband connectivity is suddenly lost, a fast and inexpensive solution such as mobile hotspot can solve the issue almost immediately. Business operations are not hugely disturbed. Technically, there won’t be much of a productivity loss.

However, imagine a large scale factory running a fully monitored and controlled supply chain, sometimes even supported by artificial intelligence. If connectivity is disrupted, consequences are naturally big.

Premium connectivity

Special occasions often require premium service. Lately, there’s been an extreme need for high quality internet. Companies need insights. They need to know exactly what’s going on in their network, how much capacity they are using and if they need to upgrade, to make better informed IT decisions. platform offers a premium insights solution. At one glance, customers can see exactly what is going on in their network at an application level.

Now, let’s say you’ve identified an issue with your Cloud environment. Suddenly, user experience is not as smooth as it used to be. This is also where Expereo offers exceptional service. Cloud Acceleration is our core premium solution. Our global hubs make it possible to identify not only the shortest IP route, but the most optimized one. It scans all commonly known destinations and makes real-time decisions to improve Cloud application performance.

Look at it as if comparing an old fashioned roadmap to Apple or Google Maps. The paper version shows you the route, but it will not tell you where the traffic jams or roadblocks are. It can guide you to the shortest route, but it will not tell you what the fastest route is. This is exactly what Cloud Acceleration does for your Internet traffic.

We at Expereo are experts in premium connectivity. Think of us a 5-star-reviewed restaurant. Our experienced chefs provide the perfect service with a tailored menu to suit both your taste and specific requirements. We offer the best customer experience to cater to the new needs of Cloud applications and Internet traffic. Anywhere around the Globe. In any flavor you like. Let us find your solution.

If you want to learn more about tailor-made Internet, take a look at the below webinar:

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Director of Supplier Management joined Expereo in 2015 but has been loving, living and breathing the Internet since 14K4 modems in 1995 and still remembers the sound. Experience from content development to hardware distribution and from gaming to managed services. Always looking for partnerships with a win-win. Likes to keep things simple. Data-driven with a passion for automation. Fun fact: Loves to compare the quality of internet services with food and tailormade clothing.

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