Expereo expands Latin American network

Expereo expands Latin American network connectivity

July 23, 2019

Expereo has announced a major infrastructure expansion into the growing Latin America market. Numerous strategically located Cloud Acceleration Hubs have now launched – focused primarily in Sao Paulo, Brazil – in an effort to improve both application performance and availability via rerouting processes.

Sander Barens, CCO at Expereo, comments: “As technology continues to evolve, a surge of new business is taking hold in previously ‘hard to reach’ city hubs around the world. Many global corporations are expanding into Latin America, particularly in Brazil. To succeed, they need guaranteed performance and reliability from their Internet. We see enormous opportunity for the cloud to accelerate economic growth here.

By continuing to expand our cloud acceleration hubs, Expereo will deliver seamless internet access worldwide, even to those locations with historically poor connectivity. From Africa to Brazil, and Mexico in 2020, Expereo is constantly expanding to meet our customers’ needs.”

Cloud acceleration and intelligent routing
Using a network of cloud acceleration hubs to probe public internet traffic, it is possible to simulate user traffic and create a dynamic topology of the internet. Performance metrics such as packet loss, latency, throughput and historical reliability can be accurately recorded.

Based on the data gathered, Expereo’s intelligent routing platform can identify the most efficient path, not just the shortest path between individual networks, optimising the user experience. In other words, cloud acceleration hubs calculate the best-possible path for transferring information and preventing packet loss.

The end result is enhanced connectivity between remote offices or private clouds. By leveraging this technology, Expereo’s infrastructure expansion into Latin America will deliver faster downloading and uploading of files, uninterrupted access to cloud applications, vastly improved employee efficiency and enhance the end customers’ online experience. The human workforce no longer needs to be held back by technical hiccups or subpar internet speeds.

Enterprise growth in Latin America
Due to the continued adoption of corporate cloud applications and SD-WAN technologies, Global Internet services have become the commercially effective connectivity option for businesses.

However, some worldwide locations still struggle to achieve consistent internet performance including Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Ecuador. Expereo aims to correct historically poor routing decisions and reduce latency for this market. Internet traffic to Latin America is often forced to reroute through LA, but the introduction of cloud acceleration hubs will ensure traffic is rerouted through the most efficient paths.

The Latin American region is quickly catching up with the rest of the world in terms of telecoms, and Brazil is leading the way. Domestic internet requirements within Brazil are rising and corporations continue to expand their business into Sao Paulo, all of which will drive this ongoing change. Expereo is well prepared to fulfil that demand after analyzing the network market trends.

Future infrastructure expansions
New cloud acceleration hubs will enable Expereo to connect more customers to the Internet at the global level. This is part of an ongoing expansion to create consistent, high quality internet services for business and government offices alike, no matter their location in the world. In 2020, Expereo plans to further expand into Mexico and the west coast of America.

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