Expereo expands global Mobile Connectivity

Expereo expands global Mobile Connectivity

December 18, 2017

High speed mobile data networks deliver access to branch sites, remote workers, vehicles or kiosks using the latest 4G/LTE Mobile Connectivity technology, for businesses that require anywhere, anytime global connectivity.

Expereo deliver this agility, bundled with dynamic or public static IP addressing, allowing mobile connectivity to be integrated into any network design, across the globe.

Sander Barens, VP of Commercial Development, Expereo: “Mobile Connectivity can play an essential role in SD-WAN and Internet of Things deployments, thanks to its quick deployment capability and technical diversity. With mobile connectivity, you can get connected fast with a robust solution that complements any network design or methodology.”

LTE-enabled hardware extends the range of traditional WAN and SD-WAN deployments to include remote offices, smaller sites, and to any device that relies on mobile data connectivity as a transport method.

IOT projects also benefit from LTE connectivity when access to narrowband services are not available, or higher bandwidth is required.

Expereo Global Mobile Connectivity delivers several benefits to business; fast deployment, flexibility, and is an effective last-mile access technology.

  1. Fast Deployment: compared to terrestrial deployments, Mobile Connectivity can be in use far more quickly than other access methods. This allows business to deploy new access quickly, and to ensure business continuity when required.
  1. Greater flexibility: with Mobile Connectivity, you avoid contract lock-in; use it for as long as you need it for temporary ‘pop-up’ type implementations, use it for a few months until you install more permanent fixed network access, or for a project timeframe.
  1. Last-mile access: without the restrictions of wired access you can provide connectivity to branches, kiosks, devices or vehicles virtually anywhere, with the reliability and redundancy of 4G/LTE technology.

Expereo provides managed Mobile Connectivity services to Canada, 18 countries within Asia-Pacific and 30 countries within Europe.

LTE access has established itself as a strong alternative to legacy connectivity services. Network coverage continues to expand and overall coverage is now well beyond wired access. In many cases, multiple cell towers serving a location ensure service resiliency.

LTE network speeds also continue to increase and can be more cost-effective in many cases for remote locations or backup use, when compared to wired solutions or satellite.

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