We’re delighted to announce that we’ve taken yet another step toward enhancing our global networking capabilities, this time by acquiring connectivity intelligence platform, Comsave. This new partnership will allow us to tap into an industry-disruptive e-commerce platform that automates and digitalizes the sourcing and provisioning of Internet and last-mile access services, covering an eco-system of a multitude of service providers across Europe.

It’s all part of our plan to simplify global networking for our partners and customers and will play a key role in the development of our digital platform, expereo.one. The choice to bring Expereo and Comsave together was made easy by our shared vision - to completely transform what has become a very fragmented supplier landscape, making it easier for users to retain power, control, and efficiency over their global connectivity.

Our CEO, Irwin Fouwels, comments: 

“Our combined capabilities are simplifying the complex and costly access component in architecting and sourcing global connectivity solutions for our partners and customers. With Comsave’s people, technology, and know-how, we can radically simplify and reduce the cost of managing a multitude of access suppliers, as well as the time to quote, accelerating the partner eco-system, and expanding market reach to small-and-medium-sized enterprise and retail”.

Comsave has long since been regarded as a disruptive force in the industry, continuously developing their platform to automate the sourcing and provisioning of Internet services across a multitude of different providers. At a time when the digital landscape is shifting more rapidly than ever before, with more and more of us depending on connectivity to do our jobs, the work Comsave has been doing is essential.

Visibility is everything

 This move to acquire Comsave will also accelerate the development of Expereo’s digital connectivity platform, expereo.one. That’s because where Comsave already delivers advanced API-based automation on sourcing and provisioning of Internet access services, expereo.one supports the entire customer journey, from early engagement through to lifecycle and renewal. It’s all part of Expereo’s mission to put control firmly back into the hands of customers and partners, giving them 360 degree visibility with comprehensive insights across their entire online operation. Customers will be able to access, for instance, the exact distances to the exchanges and the expected Internet speeds across the infrastructure and make the right choice on the quality of the service and performance.


Extending global reach

We live in an age where global connectivity is essential, but what powers and drives that connectivity can make all the difference when it comes to walking the line between success and failure. No matter where in the world the various branches of a multinational enterprise are based, every single user should be able to access the tools and services they need seamlessly, without delay.

We’ll continue to grow our suite of Internet access services to ensure that our customers have fast and dependable global coverage, with real-time insights including application usage, latency, and packet loss - all accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.



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