We often bring to attention of our customers and partners: although implementing network connectivity should be relatively simple, in reality there are common challenges that every company might face if not prepared, particularly when it comes to SD-WAN deployment. That’s mainly because, in many cases, SD-WAN suppliers are merely a connecting point between enterprise customers and technology providers, only responsible for the delivery of equipment.  

Take Cisco, for instance. Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software and telecommunications equipment, including SD-WAN technology, to multiple partners around the globe. In order to guarantee that its partners are aligned with Cisco’s high standards for customer service, the company has launched the Cisco Partner Program, of which Expereo has been recently acknowledged as an advanced certified partner of its Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) vertical.    

The CMSP recognizes Cisco partners that go beyond and above for their customers. Rather than just being a technology reseller, recognized partners offer extra mile support before, during and after network implementation, delivering state-of-the-art managed service. But why should that matter to you? 

Unwavering support 24/7 

The CMSP ensures that partners such as Expereo have the capability to attend to your needs 24/7. If any problem arises, we are your go to. There’s no need to contact Cisco for help, we’re masters in their technology. This saves time and allows for eventual issues to be resolved as quickly as possible.  

Outstanding reliability - you can count on us  

The certification also guarantees you can count on us. So much so, if things don’t go to plan and we fall below our service levels, clients are able to claim credits from their providers. This gives clients the extra assurance that they are in good hands.   

Proof of exceptional knowledge 

In order to guarantee extra mile support and service level agreements, CMSP partners naturally have to have a proven track record of technology expertise. We have successfully worked with some of the major players in the gas & oils and commodities industries as an example of how we are capable of offering Cisco’s SD-WAN managed services. 

Third-party audit  

To be recognized as an advanced partner of the CMSP is a lot more complicated than just signing up a form. A third-party audit appointed by Cisco sits through the end to end network implementation process with each partner, making sure we are able to cater to the needs of our customers. In simple terms, it makes sure we are not here just to drop a box and leave. We’ve got what it takes to deliver, implement and manage your business network.  


Why you should choose a CMSP partner 

If you’re asking yourself why all the above matters, the reason is simple – Cisco CMSP program recognizes those who deliver the best. Network connectivity is the very foundation upon which the rest of your agile work environment will be built. It not only future-proofs your organization, you’ll also enjoy a plethora of new efficiencies and an excellent return on investment.  

But in order to have excellent internet connectivity, you have to be able to trust your network provider and make sure you’re going for the best option – not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but the one that effectively addresses your requirements.  

The Cisco CMSP ensures we have the experience and capability to work with any customer, regardless of their expectations. Our service is built on validated architectures and best-practice open standards. We listen to your request and fulfill it, from the design perspective to deployment and support. We go into the root cause of an eventual issue and are able to settle things quickly. We deal with network management on behalf of our customers, giving them the peace of mind to focus on their core business activities.

We are not just resellers of technology. You can trust us – that’s the difference between a technology reseller and a CMSP partner.   

Learn more about our SD-WAN service and how we can help your business thrive.

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