Enterprises leverage technology to enhance efficiencies, improve experiences, and boost productivity. In order to maximize the return on their digital innovation investments, however, companies need their network to evolve and deliver better performance.

Flexible, secure, and quality connectivity solutions, therefore, are the enabler of innovation for organizations looking to accelerate their journey to digital maturity —streamlining business processes, enhancing scalability, and reducing costs.

As a result, corporations are moving to the cloud and embracing the latest in applications and software-defined technologies.

Expereo, a company best thought of as a new-breed MSP, one that provides companies with a cutting-edge digital customer experience, awareness of, and the capability to best use the assets available across public networks, highlighted that it has seen a significant surge in cloud adoption in recent times.

The company supports the digital transformation agenda of several businesses across industries, engaging in rapid testing and onboarding of new technologies to improve both customer engagement and business scalability.

According to Expereo, SD-WAN is perhaps the most adopted software-defined technology available today, offering the type of secure application performance management that genuinely supports business with their digital innovation goals.

Since SD-WAN intelligently moves application data across the online estate, it is able to optimize user experiences and the overlay service provides control over cloud applications and helps deliver applications via multiple WAN connectivity methods that are optimized for both performance and cost.

Of course, overlay application performance is only as good as the quality of the underlay connectivity.

Expereo’s Cloud Acceleration software solution brings control to the internet underlay, as well as application performance insight and ease of network management.

Expereo SD-WAN

In fact, Cloud Acceleration can also navigate traffic in real-time, on a per-application level, ensuring that business-critical services and applications that support the organization and its customers are always available and highly responsive.

In an age where an enterprise’s competitors are only a click away, a slight delay in response times is the difference between a new customer-advocate and a lost opportunity.

Carefully examining and steering traffic in real-time, the propriety underlay optimization help companies and organizations ensure that services remain at peak levels — determined by business priority, not as dictated by network hardware.

The Expereo apps provide insights that proactively help resource allocation and can save significantly on procurement costs. More importantly, they also provide organizations with the ability to control resources in ways that are best suited to their business needs.

Based on its years of experience helping companies with their connectivity challenges, Expereo provides a global SD-WAN provision: design, deploy and manage. To learn more about this new breed of service management of internet and network estate, speak to an advisor today.

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