When it comes to scalability, usability, and performance, more and more enterprises are adopting SD-WAN as part of their digital transformation strategy.

SD-WAN can bridge the gap between connectivity and hyper-connectivity for enterprises of all sizes. It’s a fully managed network solution that not only delivers connectivity between multiple branches, but ensures that connectivity is fast, flexible, secure, and scalable.

SD-WAN works as an intermediate layer between a business and the IaaS or SaaS services it chooses to adopt. A correctly implemented SD-WAN solution will give you full control over your own internet, offering unparalleled visibility across all of your applications and how they’re performing.

Always connected

Even the best applications will fall short if the end user experience is no good or the connection is disrupted. SD-WAN negates this risk by constantly monitoring the integrity of your connection, and providing alternative paths where required.

Always in control

Without an SD-WAN platform in place, businesses are largely blind when it comes to SaaS or IaaS. While individual dashboards with different log-ins may be accessible, they won’t provide the kind of integrated, 360 realtime view that SD-WAN can provide.

Businesses need to have full visibility and control over data traffic and application performance in order to truly capitalize on the benefits a ‘hyper-connected’ infrastructure can bring – and AI might just be the answer.

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