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We know that SD-WAN can offer greater control over software, enhanced security, and more in-depth monitoring, but even then we’re not utilizing the technology’s full potential.

Even with the best applications in the world and the best monitoring suite on the market, a business would still struggle to maintain and even improve performance.

That’s where Cloud Acceleration comes in, and it’s something businesses can easily overlook. Cloud Acceleration offers control to the internet underlay as well as in-depth application performance insight. In short, it maximizes the effectiveness of SD-WAN for business and unlocks its true potential.

An application is only as good as its end-user experience. If an app is slow due to poor connectivity, productivity will be severely hampered.

Smarter routing means smarter networking

The Internet may seem like one cohesive network, but it’s actually made up of more than 790,000 individual networks, each with their own fluctuations and vulnerabilities under load.

Cloud Acceleration utilizes something called ‘smart routing’ to run thousands of tests on these available network paths every second. These tests analyze everything from packet loss and latency to historical reliability and peering capacity.

The optimal routing paths are selected in real-time, meaning that users get a consistently smoother experience than they otherwise would. Combine this to an Internet-centric WAN, such as SD-WAN, and you ensure fully optimized network and application performance. Deploying a SD-WAN solution, however, can sound trickier than in reality. We make the complex transformation simple in our Ebook.

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